20 Xraycers inspire young and old guests

The IKUNA Naturresort (AUT) makes riding the Xraycers an adventure to be shared by the entire family!

The guests at our resort are able to use the Xraycers whenever they like. That can put quite a strain on the devices," says MD Hubert Kügerl. "Parents and their children spend a good time together having exciting duels on our slightly sloping gravel street. This is the concept we pursue at the IKUNA Naturresort as well. We are happy to have found an extraordinary and robust product in the Xraycer that enables us to give the entire family a good time together."
Driven by the great success and demand, two new routes set up specifically for the Xraycer will be opened in the IKUNA Naturresort this year.
Asked about suitability for everyday use, Hubert Kügerl explains that there has only been a single defect worth mentioning among the 20 Xraycers in spite of the high strain. "The Xraycers are very robust and show barely any wear in spite of being kept outdoors around the clock and being used every day. Our building technician adjusts the brakes now and then. That's all there is to do," Kügerl explains with a smile before getting on the Xraycer and racing away.

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