Sunkid sets a new world record!

Sunkid Newsletter 02/01

The longest conveyor lift in the world with a length of 136 m is opened in Madonna di Campiglio


Five years ago when Sunkid installed the first conveyor belts in ski schools with a maximum length of 15 m no one could have dreamed of the tremendous development of this innovative type of lift. In summer 2000 the officials in charge in Madonna di Campiglio (Italy) approached Sunkid with a special problem. The "Grosté" ski area was separated from the "Pradalago" ski area by a busy road. Guests had to take off their skis/snowboards, climb down, cross the busy road and climb up. Due to this dangerous and, above all, very inconvenient situation, the "Pradalgo" ski area was poorly visited and the connection not taken advantage of too often.


Technical solution:


The entire construction of the installation was specially adapted to the bridge construction and integrated into its design (not mounted onto the bridge but built into the construction). The modular design used here (no part is heavier than 200 kg and no longer than 4.5 m) allowed for quick and economical assembly of the entire installation. Due to the length, frequency (transport capacity 1,280 per/h) and the convex design of the bridge, a continuous belt was not chosen but rather the Sunkid link chain conveyor belt. To attain the proper chain tension of such a long conveyor belt a permanent electro-hydraulic tensioning device was installed which can be monitored by the control station of the adjacent quad chair lift. Utmost attention was paid to the safety aspect of the installation. Aside from emergency shut-off switches and the standard safety flap at the end of the belt, the Sunkid safety light gate was installed in the exit area. The snow transported with the conveyor belt is deposited into a 3 m lower-lying collection tub, thus guaranteeing maintenance-free operation. A drain was also installed along the entire conveyor belt to divert the water/snow off the bridge and conveyor belt.


Transport length    136 m
Conveyor belt width    0,6 m
Average gradient     7 %
Motor power    15 kW
Transport speed    0.1 - 0.6 m/sec progressively
Theoretical transport capacity    1.280 Persons/h
Conveyor belt tension    electro-hydraulic with chucking cylinder
Power station    with service/maintenance lifting device
Electrical switching station    External monitoring of the entire conveyor belt with visual malfunction indication. Speed progressively adjustable via a frequency converter.
Supervision    Indirect supervision by personnel at the adjacent quad chair lift


Eng. Schiavon (Funivie Madonna di Campiglio):  


On a trip to Breckenridge (USA) we visited a similar Sunkid installation in which two ski areas were linked via a bridge with a 102 m conveyor belt. We decided in favor of a conveyor belt based on its user and operator-friendly technical solution, the high level of safety and the fact that no supervision is necessary. From among the various suppliers Sunkid seemed to be the most competent of all. After about 2 months of operation now we and, above all, our customers are completely thrilled with it and we are convinced that we made the right decision.

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