The Sunkid gallery establishes itself worldwide!

This year alone Sunkid installed totalling 300m.

Two years ago, Sunkid proved itself once again a technological leader with the installation of a revolutionary conveyor-cover on the Stubai glacier in Austria.


The Sunkid tunnel underwent intensive testing and was subject to constant development at over 2000m above sea level.


Criteria for the development of the tunnel were:

  • all safety aspects (emergency exits for cases of panic, accidents, and breakdown of the equipment as well as an unobstructed view of the whole facility for supervision)
  • stability and safety in wind conditions up to and including a mountain storm
  • extreme temperatures and large fluctuations in temperature
  • protection from UV-rays
  • yearly disassembly and reassembly as well as storage
  • design and visual attractiveness


Visitors from all over the world took a keen interest in the new installations on the Stubai glacier, helping Sunkid to secure new contracts for a total of 300m of Sunkid conveyor-covers in autumn 2004.  Among these contracts are two major projects, one for 100m in the Postalm ski resort in Austria and one for 105m in the famous Vail ski resort in the USA.


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