Sunkid summer tubing – The new craze making summer activities even more of a hit!

Do you want to use your Sunkid Wonder Carpet conveyor, your Bruckschlögl rope lift or your snow tubes all year round?

Are you looking for a way to make your resort even more attractive to guests in summer? If so then summer tubing from Sunkid is just what you’ve been looking for. With this new craze you can offer your guests unlimited fun 365 days a year.


The innovative Tyrolean company Sunkid has been offering professional know-how and products for snow tubing for almost ten years now - be it sliding down the hill on our robust and individually customisable snow tubes or coming back up with the multi-functional Sunkid Wonder Carpet or the Bruckschlögl tubing rope lift with its clip-in, clip-out station.


For years now customers have approached us wanting to know how they can use their already installed infrastructure all year round. In cooperation with our Italian Partner Neveplast, Sunkid was last summer able to realise this wish for the very fist time in the German-speaking region. The first summer tubing facility was installed by the Giselher-Langes lift company in the Tyrolean resort of Biberwier. After a successful test-period the installation is set to be increased to over 100m this year. The popularity of this new craze is proven by numerous further projects planned for this year in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In Italy summer tubing installations have been up and running for 4 seasons with a total of 60 installations in action.


Summer tubing involves the guests gliding speedily but safely downhill on artificial matting with raised sides using normal snow tubes with a reinforced bottom. A net under the artificial matting prevents erosion of the ground as well as keeping the matting itself clean. This allows the grass to even grow up through the matting, leaving the turf undamaged after the dismantling of the summer tubing track. The track is 2.10m wide (special lengths are available too!) and can be extended indefinitely using 2m add-on sections. The tubing track is built straight onto the ground with no need for foundations or any other additional structures. Two people need just 3 hours to put up or take down a 50m long track.


The optimal slope gradient lies between 12 % and 25 %. Banked corners and braking zones can be used to regulate the speed of the descent. The target group naturally changes according to the steepness of the slope, making summer tubing an extremely flexible activity for everybody!


The successful operation of a summer tubing track is also reliant on having an installation to transport tubers back up the hill, making repeated descents more comfortable. The Sunkid Wonder Carpet or the Bruckschlögl tubing lift offer the perfect solution to this problem. Many of these lifts are already installed in resorts for the winter season and can be transformed very cheaply into a great attraction for the summer. Already installed lift systems can be transformed from just € 4.000,-- and upwards.


For the operator of a summer tubing installation one of its great advantages are the permanently reliable conditions of the tubing track, which neither has to be prepared nor dug out. These reliable conditions also make it able to guarantee permanently safe tubing conditions


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