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Sunkid Wonder Carpet used during the Winter Olympic Games in Sestriere

Sunkid Wonder Carpet used during the Winter Olympic Games in Sestriere


The wonderful performances of athletes from all four corners of the world at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Sestriere will stay etched in all our memories for many years to come. Alongside these world-class performances, the Sunkid company based in the Tyrol contributed its expert know-how to make sure the Games ran as smoothly as possible.


On the upper area of the “Borgata“ piste, where the men’s Downhill and Super-G alpine ski races were held, a rise in the terrain made access to the fans’ viewing area somewhat difficult. The organisers of the Games in Sestriere therefore decided on the construction of a tunnel housing a conveyor to solve this logistical problem.


The Sunkid Wonder Carpet installed measures a total of 56m and is equipped with the Endless belt technology. The conveyor is special for two reasons, firstly due to its exceptionally wide 100cm running surface and secondly thanks to its unique forwards-backwards technology which enables guests to be transported both up and down the hill. This technology allows a maximum number of visitors to be transported to and from the viewing area in a minimum amount of time.


The conveyor is driven by an 11 KW motor and is also equipped with a drive roll boasting a diameter of 600mm which reduces friction and consequently extends the life of the band. With the installation of a Sunkid Wonder Carpet, Sunkid is proud to have been able to play a part in the most important winter sports event in the world, the Winter Olympics 2006 in Sestriere.


Aussergolm Ski Tunnel Fitted with a Sunkid Wonder Carpet


The ski region of Golm, located in the Montafon region of Vorarlberg in Austria, was extended in the winter of 2003/04 to take in the region of Aussergolm.  The connection of the two areas is made possible by the Aussergolm ski tunnel which boasts a total width of 6.5m. While guests can slide gently downhill through the tunnel on skis or a snowboard into the new ski area, the return journey involves overcoming a difference in altitude of approx. five vertical metres. To spare their guests the ordeal of having to climb the five vertical metres by foot, the area decided to install a Sunkid Wonder Carpet conveyor.


Technical specifications of the Sunkid conveyor installed in the Aussergolm tunnel:

  • Length: 51m
  • Belt width: 600 mm
  • Motor capacity: 7.5 KW
  • Endless conveyor belt technology
  • Total travelling time: 1 min 40 sec.
  • Theoretical maximum transport capacity: 1,400 persons/h
  • Total width of facility: 1.2 m
  • Entire motor unit can be raised by 1 metre allowing for easy access and maintenance.


The extremely compact construction of the Sunkid Wonder Carpet also leaves enough room for a piste basher to pass through the tunnel.  Furthermore, the client asked that the facility be constructed in such a way that there is no need for an on-site safety supervisor. Sunkid was able to meet this demand with the installation of a CCTV supervision system.


A summary of the advantages of installing Sunkid conveyors in ski tunnels:

  • Guests are transported quickly and comfortably from A to B
  • Extremely compact construction means that the conveyor can be installed with a minimum of space above, below or to the sides of the installation.
  • High transport capacity (up to 1,400 skiers or 2,000 pedestrians per hour)
  • Everything and everyone can be transported (skiers, snowboarders, pedestrians, toboggans, monoskiers etc.)
  • Normally no direct supervision required (CCTV etc.)
  • Modular construction allows for quick and simple assembly and disassembly (conveyor can be taken apart and relocated at any time)
  • Extremely good value when compared with other conveyor installations.


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