Dry Slopes thrilled with Sunkid’s Wonder Carpet

The past few months have seen Sunkid install 6 Wonder Carpet conveyors measuring a total of 260m on so-called ‘dry slopes’.

Dry slopes are artificial ski slopes which can be used all year round. Special artificial matting possessing similar sliding properties to real snow is laid, offering guests the chance to ski, snowboard or try out any of the latest snow sports in optimal conditions.


Winter sports are, and always have been, extremely popular in Great Britain. Indeed skiing is one of the population’s favourite leisure activities and the country has a total of around 150 dry slopes! As with the indoor ski domes, dry slopes have an extremely positive effect on tourism in the Alps. Indeed, many people see such dry slopes as the birthplace of new guests in our Alpine ski areas, and rightly so.


The first installation of a Sunkid Wonder Carpet on a dry slope took place more than 6 years ago. The 21m conveyor installed in Rosendale now helps beginners to ascend the slope simply and safely.  After years of planning and numerous visits to the sites in question, Sunkid completed two large projects this year.


Sunkid Wonder Carpet conveyors are particularly suited to use on dry slopes thanks to the following qualities: 

  • Everything can be transported (skiers, snowboarders, equipment for fun sports, pedestrians – people of all ages and abilities).
  • Easy integration into the ground – guests move safely and smoothly from the lift onto the slope.
  • No foundations, drainage etc. required.
  • Only one person required to supervise entire lift facility – central fault diagnostics system.
  • Extremely safe (Sunkid is in compliance with all worldwide safety standards. Sunkid was also the first manufacturer to conform to the new French standard).
  • Almost no cleaning or maintenance work required.
  • Special traffic light system and automatic running (conveyors automatically turn themselves on and off thanks to light sensors at the entry and exit zones).
  • All components are extremely high quality, allowing for up to 12,000 hours of use without the frustration of having to change expensive parts.
  • Simple access to all components (flip-down side covers, elevating motor system, entry and exit platforms).
  • Quick and simple assembly.

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