The new Riesneralm “Kinderskischaukel” ski area boasts the longest conveyor in Austria

In co-operation with the management team responsible for the lift facilities in the resort of Riesneralm in Styria, Sunkid was able to realise the area’s concept for the first “Kinderskischaukel” ski area in Austria.

On top of that, the new record-breaking 174-metre long conveyor offers a comfortable link between the adult ski area and the children’s practice area.


The Kinderskischaukel (literally translated “Children’s Ski Swing”) is a ski region in its own right with descents covering all difficulty levels and a new linking piste connecting the original ski area to the newly created part of the region. Located in the valley area of the resort, the children’s area can be easily viewed and supervised by all guests skiing in the Riesneralm. NEW for this winter is the “Krispini-Express” lift which, measuring a total of 174 metres, is the longest conveyor in Austria and offers access to a whole new area of the resort. The Riesneralm is a true family resort, offering something for guests of all ages and skiing abilities. For adults there are four long and challenging descents, each dropping a total of 900 vertical metres and totalling up to 7 km in length. For children and those taking their first turns there is a flatter but nonetheless highly varied beginners and children’s area located right next to but nevertheless separated from the main adult ski area.


Much More Than Just a Ski Area


To celebrate the opening of the first Kinderskischaukel ski area in Austria, the Riesneralm region created a new mascot called “Krispinigeist” whose name is a reference to the Riesner Krispen peak that dominates the ski area. Krispinigeist is accompanied by his extended family of 16 other individually styled characters, each of whom represents a particular piste or attraction in the Kinderskischaukel. And it is “Krispinigeist” who is behind the name given to the newly installed conveyor - the “Krispini-Express”!


The concept behind the first Kinderskischaukel area in the whole of Austria was developed personally by the head of the lift facilities in the Riesneralm ski area, Erwin Petz. And after just one season the idea has already established itself as a real hit. What’s more, when it came to the realisation of the concept Erwin Petz did not call on external project managers or planners but decided instead to refine and improve his original concept internally with the help of the ‘Magic Snow’ ski school and colleagues from the resort’s lift facilities. As head of the lift facilities in the Riesner ski area Erwin Petz is especially proud to have realised the Kinderskischaukel project with only the help of colleagues from within the resort.


New Solution for Problem of Summer Storage


The question of how to store the installation during the summer months represented a further reason for Erwin Petz’ decision to install a Sunkid conveyor. “Thanks to their years of expert experience in the field as well as the company philosophy, we felt that the team from Sunkid was the best partner to develop and realise the concept that I and my colleagues had developed”, explains Erwin Petz. To solve the problem of storage during the summer months Sunkid designed a practical metal-framed cover measuring the entire length of the conveyor. What’s more, the cover was designed in a subtle shade of green, thus allowing it to blend in perfectly with the Alpine meadow on which the conveyor is situated. Another big plus point is that, in case of an emergency, the Sunkid technician located at the Bruckschlögl company in Bad Goisern can be on site within 45 minutes.


Successful Teamwork


The co-operation between the lift facilities and the ski school, sport shops, hotels and restaurants in the Riesneralm area has been exemplary. While the ski school is already home to two Wonder Carpet conveyors, the record-breaking new 174m conveyor was financed by the resort’s lift facilities. However, both partners are jointly responsible for the running of the newly installed “Krispini-Express”.  Naturally, Erwin Petz and his team have even more plans in the pipeline for possible further improvements to the Kinderskischaukel area. While there are currently no plans for new lifts to link up further areas of the resort, the fundamental concept of the area will continue to be developed and improved.


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