The Sunkid Wonder Carpet Crowns its First “Palace”

Located in the German town of Bispingen near Hamburg, the modern “Sölden” Snow Dome sets new standards in indoor snowsports.

The end of October saw the official opening of probably the most interesting and modern indoor snowdome in the whole of Europe, the Bispingen Snow Dome 50 km south of Hamburg in Germany.  The elegant building housing the snowdome facility is easily visible from several miles away and blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape, drawing guests from near and far.


Upon entering the dome itself, it quickly becomes clear that experienced and highly professional winter sports experts are behind the project. Indeed, the Snow Dome is owned and run by none other than the team in charge of the world-famous Ötztaler Bergbahnen ski area in the Ötztal region of the Tyrol in neighbouring Austria.


Winter sports enthusiasts living in northern Germany now have the chance to perfect their technique on a top-quality piste measuring 300 metres in length and 100 metres in width. The slope is equipped with state-of-the-art snow cannons which, together with an average indoor temperature of between -2 and -4 °C, ensure optimal piste conditions. Thanks to a ground-breaking technological development, skiers visiting the dome can carve down the slope without having to worry about the lift pylons supporting the de-tachable 6-man chairlift getting in their way. This is possible thanks to an innovative new installation technique perfected by the Austrian lift company Doppelmayr which involves securing the lift to the roof of the hall, thus leaving the slope itself completely free of supporting pylons for guests to enjoy in safety. To make the process of getting onto this modern lift facility as easy and comfortable as possible, a ChairkiD lift entry conveyor was installed in the entrance zone of the lift.


Extra-Wide Sunkid “Palace” Wonder Carpet Installed in the Beginners’ Area


The beginners’ area of the Bispingen Ski Dome is equipped with a revolutionary new Sunkid Wonder Carpet unseen in any other indoor ski facility. Winter sports begin-ners living in the Hamburg region have the chance to benefit from a unique conveyor measuring 1.2m in width. Thanks to the revolutionary dimensions of the lift, all winter sports enthusiasts visiting the dome can use the facility: skiers, snowboarders, to-bogganing enthusiasts, snowtube fans, pedestrians, grandparents – everyone!


The conveyor measures a total of 54 metres in length and is powered by a double-motor drive system with a total performance capacity of 11 kW. Furthermore, the lift installation has been especially designed to minimise any fire danger. The tried-and-tested Ruff Top system was chosen for the conveyor belt surface.  To ensure an optimal tension of the conveyor belt, a hydraulic tension station was installed in the lift station with a tensing radius of one meter.


This lift facility was specially designed to meet the requirements of a skidome and sets new standards for indoor ski lift facilities.  The “extra wide“ Sunkid Wonder Carpet is the result of a working project combining the skills of the two lift manufacturers Doppelmayr and Bruckschlögl.


Even away from the slopes, the Snow Dome offers an all-round package of the very highest quality. The large and elegantly furnished restaurant area covers a surface of around 2000 m² and brings a touch of the Tyrolean Alps to the Hamburg region. The numerous bars, restaurants and traditional Alpine ski huts give guests the chance to enjoy an après-ski experience almost like that found 1000 km further south in the Alps themselves!


The Hamburg skidome is a spacious, futuristic facility whose construction was ex-tremely cost-intensive. As with previous skidomes, this new facility will without doubt whet the appetite of the local population to try the real thing further south in the Alps. The ski regions in the Ötztal Valley and throughout the entire Alpine region can there-fore look forward to a flood of new winter sports guests who have completed their "training" in Bispingen.


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