Sunkid Constructs Austria’s Longest Covered Conveyor in Ötscher, Lower Austria

Located just 50 kilometres from the regional capital St. Pölten, the family-friendly ski area of Ötscher near Annaberg in Lower Austria offers a total of 20km of well-prepared pistes and is perfect for guests of all ages.

Up until last year guests to the winter sport region situated at the foot of the Ötscher could only ski or snowboard, since there was no adequate means of transporting the latest new trendy snow sports equipment. However, the resort management was keen to attract non-skiers and non-snowboarders to the family-friendly resort in Lower Austria. The key to this was the creation of a transport solution which would enable the swift and safe transport of not only skiers and snowboarders but also pedestrians, modern snow sports equipment, buggies, wheelchairs… basically everything imaginable!


That is why the decision was taken to replace the two parallel-running draglifts with a Sunkid conveyor able to transport everything. An additional advantage of this step is that the former slope along which the draglift led no longer has to be covered with artificial snow, thereby making the facility and surrounding area a round-the-year attraction able to be used in all weather conditions. The conveyor is also used to transport guests back to the nearby car park.


The 162 metre Wonder Carpet with a running width of 75cm was also fitted with a conveyor cover along its entire length, thereby protecting guests from strong winds and all forms of precipitation. This feature makes the facility the longest covered conveyor in the whole of Austria.


The conveyor was also equipped with the innovative new ‘Radius’ exit technology system from Sunkid. This radical new design brings a whole new approach to getting off at the end of the conveyor. At the end of the lift, the guest can get off the conveyor on either the left or right-hand side. This part of the conveyor has a slightly convex form (hence the name Radius) which means that the guest can simply swing his or her winter sports equipment (skis, snowboards etc.) gently to the side when at the highest point of this concave curve, aided by the fact that there is only a small contact surface between the belt and the equipment. There are also hand rails on both sides to help guests to hold on and turn to the side when getting off.


Head of the lift infrastructure in the region, Herbert Nutz, comments:

“The Wonder Carpet suits our needs perfectly. When it came to deciding whether or not to install a conveyor, the ability to transport absolutely everything and the high maximum transport capacity of the facility were decisive. The fact that the lift can transport 1,440 people per hour is extremely useful, especially when it comes to transporting guests back to the car park. We are very pleased indeed with our Sunkid Wonder Carpet“.


Thanks to the installation of the Wonder Carpet the region now has a transport infrastructure which can be used all year round. As a result, the decision has been taken to build a summer tubing facility in cooperation with Sunkid. That means that in near future the Ötscher region will be available to provide families with entertainment and fun all year round.


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