ICE-Mountain – The Indoor Ski Experience with Sunkid

The latest indoor Sunkid Wonder Carpet was installed in the town of Komen, on the border between Belgium and France and is the latest addition to the ICE-Mountain ski and snowboard centre opened in October 2006.

Since the grand opening in October, the centre has had a packed events calendar. The aim of the ICE-Mountain management team is to combine sport, fun and a party atmosphere and judging by the success of the centre’s first few months they have done just that!


A key element of the centre’s concept was the inclusion of the restaurant and bar area in the ski and snowboard action on the slopes. Even during the initial planning of the centre, the designers ensured that the restaurant and bar offered guests a perfect view of the action in the ski hall. Activities at ICE-Mountain are not just restricted to the ski hall and the centre offers a wide range of fun activities in its outdoor area.


Visitors to the ICE-Mountain ski and snowboard centre can choose between two separate pistes. Advanced skiers and snowboarders can take on the 210 metre-long and 30 metre-wide slope which is served by two draglifts and contains a host of jumps and other obstacles. For those taking their first turns, ICE-Mountain offers a beginners’ slope measuring 85 metres long and 30 metres wide. The management of the centre decided to install a drag lift and a Sunkid Wonder Carpet conveyor to transport guests back up to the top of the beginners’ slope


Based in Austria, Sunkid was the first company in the world to develop conveyor lifts for winter sports activities. In the twelve years of its existence, Sunkid has installed over 1,600 conveyors in 33 countries. As well as lifts for outdoor winter sports areas, Sunkid has also successfully installed 25 conveyors in ski halls all over the world.


After the first installations of Sunkid conveyors in halls in Holland, it quickly became clear that a special construction was required for projects of this type. This led to Sunkid developing the world’s very first conveyor designed especially for use in indoor environments. As well as making the new conveyor easier to clean and maintain, the new design improved running safety through the incorporation of a new fire-safe construction and minimised interruptions in the running of the lift. A major element of the new design was the patented Sunkid ‘Radius’ side-exit technology.


A 69 metre-long and 600mm-wide Sunkid Wonder Carpet conveyor was installed in the ICE-Mountain ski and snowboard centre. The 11 kW drive motor gives the conveyor a maximum transport capacity of 1,400 guests per hour. It was decided to equip the ICE-Mountain conveyor with the Blue-Eye running surface. The Wonder Carpet is a product of the Sunkid research and development centre and is manufactured in the company’s own factory. A hydraulic tensing station built into the lower section of the conveyor with a strain length of 1m ensures that the belt is kept under the correct amount of tension.


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