Always One Step Ahead in Nauders with Sunkid

Over the past few years, the ski region of Nauders in the Tyrol has placed special emphasis on developing its facilities for children and beginners.

 Today, the professionals from the Nauders Interski ski school and their director, Christian Hofer, have finally established their own separate beginners’ and children’s practice area in the centre of the resort. The area is equipped with a Sunkid Rotondo ski carousel, two Sunkid ski lifts and four Sunkid Wonder Carpets of varying lengths.


The area offers perfectly prepared pistes, snowtubing, a fun playground in the snow, a themed “Nauderix” mini-village as well as a whole host of other surprises! Above the practice area is located a kindergarten where the area’s smallest guests are looked after and children and beginners from the practice area can pop in to warm those chilly hands and feet! The building also houses a child-friendly restaurant where children taking part in ski courses in the area are can recharge their batteries under the supervision of instructors from the Nauders Interski ski school. Over the past few years, the ski school has worked closely with the area’s management team to expand the range of facilities on offer for children. Today, Nauders is reaping the rewards of this cooperation: 2007 saw the Nauders Interski ski school voted one of the top child-friendly ski schools in the whole of Austria.


Each year, the ski school puts together a new, fun-packed activity programme for its younger clients. This year the emphasis is on a new safety strategy aiming to teach the young skiers the ten FIS ski safety rules in a fun and entertaining way. A further highlight this year is the NAUDERIX ski trail that leads straight through the forest and is packed with twists, turns and obstacles. All these facilities and more just go to prove how innovative the Nauders Interski ski school is when it comes to teaching children how to ski!


Since the creation of the Nauders Interski ski school six years ago, the management team has again and again placed its trust in Sunkid products. The Sunkid Rotondo gives the school’s ski instructors the perfect tool to teach children how to ski in a fun and entertaining way and the children love to be dragged around in snowtubes by the carousel during breaks between the ski lessons!


The Nauders Interski ski school also has two Sunkid Pino Cord drag lifts and four Sunkid Wonder Carpets conveyors of various lengths. The two drag lifts both measure 70 metres in length and are powered by a 3 kW drive motor. The synthetic ATLAS rope is equipped with rubber grips to make getting and staying on the lift easier. The lifts have a dual role in the area: on the one hand they are the main lifts for beginners and children practising in the area, on the other hand they also serve as connecting lifts for more advanced skiers wanting to reach other nearby lift facilities. The Sunkid Pino Cord lifts are installed on a slope with a maximum gradient of 15% and can transport up to 1200 guests per hour.


The four new Sunkid Wonder Carpets in the area are the perfect way to save children, beginners and instructors alike the tiring walk back up to the top of the slope. The shortest conveyors, measuring 9 and 12 metres in length respectively, are used by the youngest children to get used to the feeling of being on skis and practise their first turns. Once they have learned to turn and stop safely, they move onto the 27 metre intermediate Wonder Carpet. And for those who are really getting the hang of it there is even the largest of the four, measuring 51 metres in length. Powered by a 7.5 kW drive motor and equipped with a Sunkid Blue Eye running surface, this conveyor has a maximum transport capacity of 1400 guests per hour.


The size of the children’s and beginners’ area and the excellent ski teaching aids on offer contribute to ensuring a very high success rate when it comes to helping children take their first steps on snow. This success is one of the main reasons why the Nauders Interski ski school is so popular with guests to the region - indeed many come back year after year, impressed by the standard of tuition and keen to find out what is new this season!


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