Norway’s First Ever Covered Sunkid Wonder Carpet!

In preparation for the 2007 winter season, Sunkid installed a 30-metre long Wonder Carpet conveyor in the Norwegian resort of Skeikampen.

The conveyor was also equipped along its entire length with the tried and tested Sunkid Gallery all-weather cover. This project represents a particular highlight for both Skeikampen and Sunkid as the facility is the first covered Sunkid conveyor to be installed in Norway.


The new children’s ski area in Skeikampen lies in the centre of the resort and offers guests to the region a truly unique experience. The area also includes an ice-skating rink, a separate tobogganing piste and a snow play area, meaning that non-skiing guests are also spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying the white stuff.


This year saw a Sunkid Rotondo ski and tubing carousel installed for the region’s very youngest guests. The carousel has a double function: it can be used by ski instructors to teach children the basics of skiing in a fun and safe way, or can act as a tubing carousel in its own right.


However, the main highlight in Skeikampen is the new 30 metre fully-covered Sunkid Wonder Carpet. The facility offers guests increased comfort on the lift as well as protection from snow, rain, wind and the cold. An added advantage for the ski area management team is the significant reduction in maintenance work brought about by the installation of the Gallery. For example, thanks to the cover, there is no need to remove snow from the sides of the conveyor at the start of each skiing day.


Inside, the Sunkid Gallery measures 1.8 metres in width and 2.3 metres in height. The cover comprises an aluminium skeleton filled with high-grade transparent Plexiglas panes. Owing to its modular construction, the Sunkid Gallery can be easily adapted to fit concave and convex terrain profiles. The cover is also equipped with 1.2-metre wide openings placed every 1.8 metres along the length of the tunnel. These openings are protected by hard-wearing PVC covers which can be rolled up. Both the entry and exit areas of the tunnel can also be closed overnight used Plexiglas doors.


Thanks to a 7.5 kW drive motor, the Sunkid Wonder Carpet boasts a maximum transport capacity of 1400 guests per hour. The resort management team in Skeikampen opted for an extra-wide 750 mm conveyor belt and the tried and tested Sunkid Blue Eye running surface.


This year saw Sunkid develop relations with new partners in Sweden and Norway, namely the companies Alpin Maskin and Alpinpoolen AB (Frederik Biehl). This means that we at Sunkid are now able to serve the needs of our Scandinavian clients even more comprehensively. Despite the fact that these partnerships were established only this year, Sunkid has already managed to realise some impressive projects in cooperation with our new Scandinavian colleagues. For example, the success of the Sunkid Gallery in Skeikampen combined with the significant reduction in maintenance work and improved comfort for guests convinced the management team in Hemsedal (NOR) to install two 60-metre Wonder Carpets complete with all-weather cover for the coming winter season. A further Wonder Carpet measuring 75 metres in length is also to be installed by our partners in Måttsundsbacken (SWE). Sunkid looks forward to a successful cooperation in the years to come with our partners in Sweden and Norway, Alpinpoolen AB and Alpin Maskin.


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