Sunkid Guests at Wurzelrudi’s Ski Fun Park in Carlsfeld

True to our firm’s motto “winter in the village”, Sunkid is supporting an interesting project in the German town of Carlsfeld, close to the Czech Republic border.

The local Carlsfeld Ski Club, lead by Christoph Beetz, is responsible for the management of “Wurzelrudi’s” ski fun park and is committed to bringing snow sports closer to the people and, in particular, children. This initiative has received the support of not only Sunkid, but also the European Union through its Leader+ Programme which provides financial support for innovative projects in European Member States.


Christoph Beetz and his team run the fun park with an infectious enthusiasm. Indeed, it is this unwavering dedication from all those at Carlsfeld Ski Club that enabled “Wurzelrudi’s” ski fun park to be developed and completed last winter. The park is situated just an hour’s drive from Dresden and offers visitors perfectly prepared pistes, fine dining in a fascinating igloo world and, last but not least, some of the finest Sunkid products available.


Situated in the centre of the ski fun park is a 63 m long Sunkid Wonder Carpet conveyor equipped with the patented Sunkid Radius side exit technology. This new system makes using the lift even easier by not only reducing the number of service interruptions during the course of the skiing day, but also simplifying the routine service and maintenance work necessary. Younger visitors will be drawn to the area by the numerous Sunkid trees, dice, benches and animals located next to the park’s entry area.


“Wurzelrudi’s“ ski fun park was realised by the Carlsfeld Ski Club thanks to financial support from not only the European Union but also the regional government in the German federal state of Saxony. And, true to our firm’s motto “winter in the village”, Sunkid also supports the work of the ski club in Carlsfeld! Sunkid can, therefore, look back with satisfaction on the successes of the past and wish the Carlsfeld Ski Club all the very best for the future so that generations to come will also be able to enjoy a unique day on the slopes!


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