New Beginners’ Area in Gastein Equipped with Three Covered Wonder Carpets

This winter saw the completion of a major project initiated in summer 2007 by the management team in the resort of Gastein, near Salzburg.

After significant building work on the banks of the nearby ‘Lafenbach’ stream, the surrounding terrain was sculpted to form a gentle slope, more than doubling the size of the existing beginners’ area. Three new fully-covered Sunkid Wonder Carpets were also installed in the area to transport guests quickly and safely back to the top of the practice area.


Work was begun in summer 2007 to reinforce and re-shape the land running along the Lafenbach stream and, within a short space of time, an impressive practice area was created for beginner skiers and snowboarders. In close cooperation with Sunkid, the children’s and beginners’ slopes were extended and three new fully-covered Wonder Carpets installed to make transport in the area child’s play!


The Sunkid Wonder Carpet can be used by both skiers and snowboarders. Measuring 42 m and 51 m respectively, the smaller two conveyors are both powered by a 7.5 kW drive motor – perfect for children and beginners taking their first turns! More advanced skiers and snowboarders can move on to the third 90 m Sunkid Wonder Carpet with its more powerful 11 kW drive motor. All of the conveyors installed in Gastein were also equipped with extra-wide 750 mm running surfaces and an all-weather Sunkid Gallery covers along their entire length.


The Sunkid Gallery all-weather conveyor cover is compatible with all new Wonder Carpets and can even be fitted to existing Sunkid conveyors installed at an earlier date. The cover’s modular construction means that convex and concave terrain profiles pose no problem and, as well as being an eye-catching feature in any resort, the Gallery offers significant advantages when it comes to maintenance work and protecting guests from inclement weather: while skiers and snowboarders benefit from being sheltered from snow, rain, wind and cold temperatures, the Gallery also prevents snow from accumulating on the conveyor, thereby facilitating day-to-day maintenance.


The new Sunkid Gallery in Gastein provides a splash of modern architectural design in the heart of a stunning natural Alpine landscape. As well as the Wonder Carpets and Galleries, Sunkid also supplied the resort with a selection of bright and colourful figures and ski aids as well as a Rotondo ski and tubing carousel. The top new beginners’ area in Gastein has proved a hit with guests of all ages who can hardly wait to try out the new Sunkid Wonder Carpets!


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