New world record:

Sunkid Wonder Carpet with length of 400m

The new ascent aides in the Bottrop Alpine Centre from the Sunkid Company break all existing records. At 400m in length each, with an operation speed of 1.2 m/s and drive power of 60 kW each, not only are all previous models outclassed, but doubled at that! In the ski hall at the Bottrop Alpine Centre, two Sunkid Wonder Carpets run in parallel for the return ascent. Sunkid met the challenge of planning, construction, and implementation for this project, and shares the pride for a new world record with the customers!


The Sunkid world record project in Bottrop tops all previous ski conveyor systems in length, strength, and speed. At 400m, with a speed of 1.2 m/s and a 60kW drive motor, Sunkid has set another milestone in the history of ski conveyor systems. Already before the project began, Sunkid was incorporated in the planning and preparation, and stood beside the Bottrop Alpine Centre as a competent partner from the beginning.


The Sunkid world record project began with a pilot study, including a safety analysis in cooperation with the German TÜV and Mr. Huber, engineer, from MH-Fördertechnik, wherein guidelines and safety precautions were carefully defined for this unique project. Using these specifications, Sunkid built the world record Wonder Carpet according to the new future European norm for ski conveyor belts prEN 15700. Over 17,000 individual parts were delivered by 16 tractor-trailers, at an overall weight of over 110 tons. Numerous components were brought in according to a precise schedule, requiring flawless organization. In cooperation with the Bottrop Alpine Centre, an exact work schedule for the installation of the new ascent aide was worked out. The installation of the new world record Wonder Carpet was carried out in just three weeks during the 2008 European Football Championship and was directed by two Sunkid expert technicians, completed on schedule and approved by the German TÜV.


Sunkid replaces the previous model


For the opening of the Bottrop Alpine Centre, two conveyor systems were already installed by a different company. The installation at that time represented the technology employed for industrial conveyor belts, such that 77% of visitors were unsatisfied due to the noise, the belt surface, and the insufficient entrances and exits. For these reasons, Sunkid was given the task of installing two modern conveyor systems with all possible safety features.


Because the Sunkid Wonder Carpet is the primary ascent aid, safety is a very important requirement for the operator. Supervision is carried out by an external operation centre, from which the entire conveyor system can be observed by cameras. An entrance gate provides an orderly system for accessing the 1.2 m/s conveyor belt. The approach to the start of the conveyor is gently sloped so that skiers can slowly glide onto the conveyor. Despite the high speed, getting onto the conveyor presents no problems for skiers, snowboarders, and even pedestrians. At the end of the conveyor is a sloped section which is covered with plastic matting. The exit of the 400m-long Wonder Carpet is substantially simplified by the fact that there is no ice or snow at the exit of the conveyor, so that skiers must not deal with varying conditions. The user-friendly design of the exit minimizes shut-downs and further increases safety.


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