Sunkid realises a major project at 2,000m above sea level in Speikboden

A new 213 metre-long Sunkid Wonder Carpet with the conveyor cover

Located in the Italian region of South Tyrol, in the Aurina Valley, one can find the skiing area of Speikboden. Amidst spectacular views of the Alps, Sunkid Italy has constructed a 213 metre-long Sunkid Wonder Carpet at 2,000m above sea level with an extra-wide 750mm band, the “Sunkid Gallery” conveyor cover and the designed “Sunkid Radius” side-exit system. A fascinating project and another highlight for Sunkid Italy!


Upon one year full of innovations, the management look back at the skiing area of Speikboden. For the winter season of 2008, a modern eight-man cable car was erected in the skiing area and a new Snow Park was constructed. To also offer more for beginners, Sunkid Italy installed a Sunkid Wonder Carpet conveyor in the skiing area of Speikboden.


The 213 metre-long Sunkid Wonder Carpet erected, is powered by a 30 KW drive motor. For this reason, the Wonder Carpet has a maximum transport capacity of up to 1,400 skiers or 2,000 persons on foot. By means of a modular method of construction which is well tried and tested, the Sunkid Conveyor and the Sunkid Gallery can be constructed on both convex and concave terrain without any problem.


Apart from its length, something else that makes the Sunkid Wonder Carpet special is the fact that it is equipped with many further Sunkid extras. For instance, a 750mm wider band has been introduced in Speikboden – persons on foot, snowboarders and parents accompanied with children relish the comfortable width of the Sunkid Wonder Carpet. Against snow, rain, wind and cold, the guests are protected by means of the Sunkid 'Gallery' conveyor cover. Besides the guests, the operators of the Sunkid 'Gallery' are also taken into account, and the Sunkid 'Gallery' provides for a rapid start of operation and minimum maintenance work even in the most adverse weather conditions and snow.


In the exit area, Sunkid installed the patented Sunkid ‘Radius’ site-exit technology. This radical new design brings a whole new approach to getting off at the end of the conveyor. At the end of the lift, the guest can get off the conveyor on either the left or right-hand side. This part of the conveyor has a slightly convex form (hence the name Radius) which means that the guest can simply swing his or her winter sports equipment (skis, snowboards etc.) gently to the side when at the highest point of this concave curve, aided by the fact that there is only a small contact surface between the belt and the equipment. There are also hand rails on both sides to help guests to hold on and turn to the side when getting off. The advantages of the ‘Radius” site-exit technology are on the one hand the reduction of the disconnections, as well as the prevention of snow accumulations near the conveyor, making it possible for it to be almost maintenance-free during daily operation.


With all these extras, the 213 metre-long Sunkid Wonder Carpet is a real highlight for the Speikboden AG and Sunkid.


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