Switzerland’s longest Sunkid Wonder Carpet!

BORER Lift Inc. builds a 171 meter covered conveyor in Savognin:

BORER Lift Inc., Sunkid’s Swiss partner, marks another milestone in the firm’s history. This winter season Switzerland’s longest Sunkid Wonder Carpet was installed in Savognin. The main feature of the completely modernized La Nars practice slope is the 171-meter Sunkid Wonder Carpet.


In winter 2008, the new facilities of the La Nars beginners’ area became operational. After several years of planning and visiting various practice slopes with Sunkid, which were located primarily in Austria, the Savognin Snowsports School succeeded in “bringing a vision to fruition”, as its President, Leo Bonifazi, phrases it.


The newly constructed La Nars Kids’ Ski Paradise in Savognin was completed within one month. The fully covered 171-meter Sunkid Wonder Carpet is the central feature of the Kids’ Ski Paradise. The Wonder Carpet is powered by an 18.5-kilowatt drive engine, which can effortlessly cope with an 18% gradient and all types of winter sports equipment. In Savognin, there are other Sunkid Wonder Carpets, which are 15 and 48 meters in length. The Kids’ Ski Paradise offers various types of practice equipment; among them is a new Sunkid Rotondo Carousel. With the Sunkid Rotondo Carousel, children can improve their skiing techniques or enjoy snow tubing while taking a rest break.


The Savognin Snowsports School is supported by various associations, the federal government, the municipality and the ski lift operators of Savognin. La Nars’ new Kids’ World was made possible by financial backing. “The positive responses from guests, children and the ski instructors themselves to the practice slope’s recent modernization are overwhelming!” proudly reports Betro Tanner, Savognin Ski School Director of the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School.


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