Austria’s longest wonder carpet on the Wildkogel

Neukirchen: The cable car operators and ski school have installed a new Sunkid ‘Wonder Carpet’ ascent aid

At 243m in length, the Sunkid ‘Wonder Carpet’ conveyor at Neukirchen am Wildkogel exceeds all previous Sunkid conveyors in Austria! The new “Wonder Carpet” is situated at 2,100 m above sea level at the top station of the Wildkogel cable car. The conveyor opens up a newly established piste for advanced skiers and snowboarders and connects the Kaserboden children’s area with the existing area which is reserved for children. Besides the cable car, the Neukirchen ski school also benefits from the new 243m long system.


In 2008, the Wildkogel ski arena built a new section of piste for advanced skiers and snowboarders. A great variety of demands were placed on the ascent aid. A slope of 23% had to be surmounted and in terms of capacity, 1,000 people had to be conveyed per hour. Children, beginners, advanced skiers and snowboarders are all transported. In cooperation with the Neukirchen ski school, the decision was taken to install a Sunkid ‘Wonder Carpet’ conveyor.


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