Three new wonder carpet conveyors as return-lift systems installed at Hinterstoder

Sunkid conveyor belts for perfect LOGISTICS and optimal CUSTOMER SERVICE in the skiing area

Ski guests want the very best! In addition to excellent gastronomy and perfectly groomed slopes, this of course means modern ski-lift equipment. In order to accommodate ski guests in those places where they occasionally have to struggle to get to the next lift, three new Sunkid wonder carpets have been installed at Hinterstoder for the winter season 2009. Anyone can now overcome the 30 meter height difference from Hössboden up to the mountain station of the 6-place Hössbahn cable car with the innovative logistic Sunkid solutions!


Up until now, ski guests at Hinterstoder had to cap off a wonderful day of skiing by walking the last meters up to the 6-place Hössbahn cable car. It was difficult for children, especially after a strenuous ski class, to make up the 30 meter height difference on foot. After an intense search for the optimal solution that would satisfy comfort and capacity requirements, the Hinterstoder Cable Car Company finally had success. They selected a Sunkid wonder carpet conveyor as return-lift system to help skiers reach their destination.


A conveyor belt as return-lift system that means “service to the SKI GUEST”


The conveyor belt as return-lift system consists of three Sunkid wonder carpets arranged in succession. The first part of the system is comprised of an 84 meter-long conveyor belt with an average gradient of 14%. This is followed by two more conveyor belts that are 54 meters and 30 meters in length respectively, both with an average gradient of 19%. Powered by 7.5 KW and 5.5 KW motors, the Sunkid wonder carpets have a capacity of up to 1,400 skiers or 2,000 walkers per hour.


For the conveyor belt surface, ‘Hinterstoder’ Cable Car Company selected the “Blue Eye” conveyor belt, designed by Sunkid. Although the conveyor belt is made of heavy-duty natural rubber, it also has sufficient give to provide excellent traction. The “Blue Eye” conveyor belt is manufactured in-house by Sunkid production.


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