243-metres - the longest Wonder Carpet under the blue sky!

A winter sports world in Willingen for the whole family - with support from Sunkid

An exciting new project for the whole family recently took place in Willingen! Up to 400 people were engaged simultaneously in various winter sports on the beautiful sunny slopes next to the Ritzhagen lift. Whether beginners or experts, skiers or snowboarders, sledgers or tubers - everyone had fun.


The multifunctional Sunkid Wonder Carpet


The Sunkid Wonder Carpet is an attractive ascent aide for skiers and snowboarders, as well as sledgers and pedestrians. The modern and simple approach to lift technology for skiers and other visitors reveals the multi functionality of the Sunkid conveyor belt. With the best of conditions on the slopes, skiers and snowboarders carve on one side of the conveyor, while slegders and tubers play on the other. For this reason, the 243m long conveyor belt at the Ritzhagen lift in Willingen has become a destination for the whole family.


Up to 100 passengers with skis, snowboards, or sledges rode the conveyor belt at the same time. In this way, the 400 guests enjoying the winter sports facilities in Willingen had a smooth ride on the slopes. On the busiest days, managers counted over 7500 trips on the Sunkid Wonder Carpet.


243 METERS!!! A Challenge


The operators selected the Sunkid Blue Eye conveyor with a width of 600mm. The combination of a hard natural rubber base layer and soft vulcanized carrier bumps guarantee the highest carrier value and a cold resistance down to -40 degrees Celsius. For projects requiring a length of 200 metres or more, Sunkid typically installs a 4-layer conveyor belt. The breaking strength of 500 N/mm gives the conveyor belt a converted breaking strength of more than 30 tons. In addition, the Sunkid conveyor belt used in this project was closed by vulcanization on location into a continuous belt.


A 30 kW drive motor provides the necessary capacity for the longest Wonder Carpet on earth. Sunkid developed an active hydraulic tension station with a force of 38.97N (4 tons tension force) to provide tension over a length of 243m. The active hydraulic tension station provides secure transmission of the force from the drive wheel, a smooth belt rotation, and the highest operational safety. The tension is adapted to the length variation of the conveyor belt due to temperature and load differentials. The required tension path is located at the rotary wheel direction change, which was specially constructed with a length of 2.36 metres.


The operators also decided on the patented Sunkid "Radius" side exit, as a means to significantly reduce shutdowns of the conveyor. This is only possible with the Sunkid construction of the side exit, because in the exit area, the shutoff switch and the circuit box are replaced by a safety door. The operational safety is thereby significantly increased, especially during snowfall!


A Sunkid project that shows the way


The Sunkid project in Willingen shows yet again how successful a focus on the whole family can be. Whether skiers, snowboarders, sledgers, or tubers, there is something for everyone! And for breaks, the sun terrace provides both relaxation and a fantastic view of the new Sunkid Wonder Carpet. Sunkid was a competent and reliable partner from planning until implementation.


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