Sunkid Wonder Carpet transports passengers to the Schwemmalm ski facilities

111m-long Sunkid conveyor belt with gallery enclosure in Ultimo

The Schwemmalm ski area has seen numerous innovations for the 2009 winter season. In addition to the newly constructed 8-passenger gondola lift, a brand new beginner's area was also created just below the upper lift station. The new area features an innovative Sunkid Wonder Carpet conveyor system to return skiers and snowboarders to the top of the slope – a system which also functions to return passengers to the bottom. At a length of 111 metres and boasting a gallery enclosure, this Wonder Carpet adds a visual accent to the Schwemmalm facilities. And surrounded by a breathtaking mountain backdrop at 2000 metres, a trip on the Wonder Carpet becomes a thrilling experience!


The Sunkid Wonder Carpet is primarily used by beginner skiers and snowboarders. The first time on skis or a board is by far the most difficult, so beginners benefit greatly from a simple and easy ascent aid. For this reason, the Schwemmalm managers decided on a Sunkid conveyor belt.


The 111m-long Wonder Carpet is powered by an 18.5 kW drive motor, reaching a theoretical capacity of 1400 skiers or snowboarders per hour. The owners of “Ultner Ski- und Sesselbahnen GmbH” also decided on a Sunkid gallery enclosure to cover the conveyor belt. The Sunkid gallery enclosure can be installed for each model of Sunkid Wonder Carpet, and can also be retrofitted to all existing systems. The time-tested modular construction guarantees that concave and convex landscapes pose no problem for the Sunkid Gallery. This special feature not only adds to the visual appeal of the system in every ski area, but also presents numerous advantages for the operation and maintenance of the Sunkid Wonder Carpet. Passengers are protected from snow, rain, wind, and cold. For the operators, it becomes unnecessary to clean away snow before starting up the system.


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