Sunkid Pedalo

New - Innovative - Creative...the Sunkid Pedalo

A world exclusive for Sunkid: the Sunkid Pedalo! The Pedalo is a 9 m long and 50 cm wide conveyor that is driven by a pedal mechanism and enables four children or two adults to be transported.


Sunkid created the Pedalo as a solution to today’s often difficult climatic conditions in low lying Alpine regions: within just a few minutes, a small hill can be transformed into a perfect beginners’ ski area for children and adults alike, creating a ‘mini ski resort’ in the blink of an eye. Thanks to this invention, low-lying villages can also benefit from the winter season and children have the opportunity to take their first turns on skis right in front of their front door, before progressing to the larger, often very crowded ski resorts.


The Sunkid Pedalo is capable of operating on gradients up to 25%. Weighing a total of 300 kilos and comprising three sections and the bicycle, the Pedalo transforms a hill with even a thin covering of snow into a beginners’ ski area. Just thirty minutes are needed to construct the entire conveyor and get the Pedalo up and running. What’s more, as it is not a lift in the traditional sense of the word, the Pedalo requires neither foundations nor an electricity supply. The conveyor is just as simple to take apart as it is to assemble and can be packed away and stored when the snow has melted. It was through close cooperation with the ski school in the Tyrolean resort of Scheffau that Sunkid developed the Pedalo, with a prototype operating in the area since the beginning of January.


Thanks to the Sunkid Pedalo, visitors to the ski school can now enjoy a brand new world exclusive and others areas of the ski resort open to the public can be easily transformed into practice areas. The conveyor can also be used in hotels, restaurants, local municipalities or ski clubs located away from established ski resorts. Furthermore, the Pedalo is also ideal for corporate events, ski kindergartens, and outdoor play areas. During the summer months, the Pedalo can also be used as a fun ‘escalator’ next to a Sunkid summer tubing course.


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