"Winter - Right in Town!" Sunkid stays true to its philosophy!

Sunkid supports winter projects - and not just with large-scale ski lifts ...

Every year, Sunkid is deeply involved in projects both large and small. According to company owner Max Bruckschlögl, the objective is to bring the joy of winter sports as close to residents as possible. With this goal in mind, the company's philosophy was born: "Winter - Right in Town!"


Stans Ski Lifts in Tirol is a small ski facility with a central lift, and an additional children's and beginner's area opened in winter 2009. Competition with large ski resorts is impossible, so careful catering to the region is crucial. Children and beginners are the most important local constituency. So, with support from the community, nearby businesses, and Sunkid, Stans Ski Lifts was able to create a new children's ski area.


Small, but with a big impact!


The friendly ski instructors and employees of Stans Ski Lifts make sure every child feels comfortable and has fun when skiing. Sunkid provided two Wonder Carpets as the  lifts for the children's area. While the smallest skiers try out their first moves alongside the 12m-long conveyor, the more advanced students can step up to the 30m-long Wonder Carpet. For children and beginners, this is a perfect way to prepare for using the rope lift later.


The operators at Stans Ski Lifts are already excited about the results after one winter season! The new facility was received with enthusiasm by locals as well as guests in the local hotel. Children and beginners had loads of fun. And for Stans Ski Lifts, the magnitude of the success exceeded all expectations.


Winter in Tarrenz


In Tarrenz, the local sports association decided to expand their winter sports options. In order to bring the joy of skiing to children - in their community and comfort zone - the association decided to install a Sunkid Wonder Carpet. Again, with support from the community and Sunkid, a 15m-long Wonder Carpet was installed.


Throughout the winter, the association organized ski activities in the hills above Tarrenz, giving children the invaluable experience of sports and fun outdoors in the winter - all supported by a small rope lift and Sunkid's conveyor.


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