Both skiers and snowboarders ride in comfort and style on the Mega Star

The old rope lift next to Ehrwalder Alm's existing children's area near the lower lift station was replaced in 2009 with a Sunkid Mega Star, helping children learn with an innovative new solution.

The Ehrwalder Alm family ski center has something for everyone. In addition to the children's area, equipped with two Sunkid Wonder Carpets and the new Sunkid Mega Star for beginners, there are also a gentle slope for intermediate skiers and a black diamond slope for advanced downhill skiers. The ski center also has a fun park for ski and snowboard use.


Starting in this season, beginners at Ehrwalder Alm can take advantage of the new Sunkid Mega Star next to the lower lift station. The simple and safe design impresses guests from the first ride, and operators benefit from the innovative features of the new Mega Star. To assist in preparation of the slopes, the lift stations can be hoisted to 5 meters high, allowing clear access for the grooming machines to the path of the lift. With its 11 kW motor, the Sunkid Mega Star can transport up to 720 passengers an hour at a speed of 0.1 - 1.8 meters per second. Aside from the upper and lower stations, the lift requires no further supports, and can extend to a length of 350 meters on an incline up to 40%.


The seat disk bracket employed by the Mega Star has highly adaptable characteristics. A rotating fixture on the cable allows perfect adjustment to the size of passengers or the height of the cable. In addition, the bracket arm can be used in several different ways - seat disk between the legs, grip/handle on the side, or anchor supporting the back.


Not just the fixtures on the Mega Star, but all of the lift options available from the Sunkid company are designed for flexibility across the spectrum of potential applications, adapting to the individual needs of the customer. For them, this flexibility means that all options are open from the start - whether it's a practice lift for ski instruction, a cargo transporter, or a custom-tailored solution to a special need.


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