A conveyor belt as ski lift - Sunny Mountain builds on the Sunkid Wonder Carpet

Sunny Mountain Ski Center in Kappl is a special destination for fun and sports!

 The modern concept of Sunny Mountain is to provide outdoor fun at a facility with year-round use: Both as a winter beginners' ski facility and a summer family fun park. Serious investments in recent years are aimed at giving children and beginners the optimal conditions for learning and growing. And this winter, yet another improvement is in place to impress beginning skiers: The older 200-meter tow-rope has been replaced with a new Sunkid conveyor lift with enclosure. The decision to switch to a modern lift solution was made on the merits of the higher capacity, easier operation, improved comfort, and sustainably lower personnel costs offered by the Sunkid conveyor system.


A conveyor belt as ski lift alternative


Winter sports enthusiasts find everything they want in the Paznaun region of Austria. Particularly in Kappl, there's something for everybody - from beginners to perfectionists! A large part of the focus in Kappl is children and family, resulting in numerous renovations and improvements lately. In recent years, Sunny Mountain has evolved into a mountain facility for fun and leisure throughout the year. Five Sunkid Wonder Carpets are now installed in the beginners' area, in addition to a Rotondo ski and tubing carousel, a snow tubing hill, and various adventure slopes. This year, the operators of Kappl Lifts decided to continue in the current direction by replacing the existing tow-rope lift in the beginners' area.


The advantages of the switch were convincing: a potential replacement of the tow-rope lift would create a much larger entrance to the Sunny Mountain children's and beginners' area by removing the excess follow-up capacity of the tow lift. In addition, a lift that is more suited to children and beginners would have many advantages over a tow-rope lift. Because a conveyor system also requires fewer supervising personnel, overall resources could be reduced. These combined advantages, not to mention the role of the new lift in creating an attractive advertisement for the ski center with its elegant appearance, convinced the operators at Kappl Lifts to replace the existing tow-rope with a new Sunkid Wonder Carpet with enclosure.


The multi-functional Wonder Carpet


The new conveyor belt was manufactured according to the specifications of future European norms. The 200-meter long Sunkid conveyor is powered by a 30 kW motor. Running along an inclination of up to 24%, the "Blue Eye" conveyor developed by Sunkid provides the necessary stability for the passengers.


The switch from a tow rope to the Sunkid conveyor at Sunny Mountain allows sledders to ride together with the skiers. The spacious slope even provides plenty of room for sledders on the 200m descent. And at the bottom, the Wonder Carpet is there to bring everyone back to the top quickly and comfortably. Multi-functional - the Sunkid Wonder Carpet!


Andreas Kleinheinz, Manager, about the 200-meter Wonder Carpet: "The switch from a tow-rope setup to the Sunkid conveyor not only simplified operation of the lift, but also reduced the personnel requirements on the slope." Not only the operators, but also guests, are thrilled with the change to a Sunkid Wonder Carpet.


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