Promotur chooses the Sunkid Wonder Carpet

A new Sunkid Wonder Carpet replaces a skilift in Ravascletto Zoncolan (Promotur)

The Ravascletto Zoncolan ski resort is located in Friaul (Venetia) in Italy. It is one of five ski resorts that have joined together to create the Promotur umbrella association. The ski resort enjoys both excellent infrastructure and a unique panorama. However, it was decided to replace the existing skilift in the beginners' area on the lower slopes with a Sunkid Wonder Carpet for the 2010 winter season. The resort required higher capacity, a more user-friendly design, and most importantly, increased speed - in this case 1.2 m/s.


The operators of the Ravascletto Zoncolan (Promotur) ski resort decided to replace the ski lift in the beginners' area with a new conveyor lift, complete with enclosure. The most important requirements to be met by the new conveyor lift were those of a wider conveyor, higher conveyor speed (1.2 m/s), increased overall capacity, an enclosure, and of course compliance with safety requirements. Sunkid was selected to complete this project from an open proposal process with stiff competition.


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