Sunkid GmbH takes over Heege Freizeittechnik GmbH

The Austrian company becomes a complete provider in the leisure industry

The Sunkid Skilift-Fördertechnik GmbH company, based in Imst (Austria), is the leader in the field of passenger conveyance on conveyor belts in ski facilities, with a worldwide market share of around 70 percent. The acquisition of a German company active in the leisure industry allowed Sunkid GmbH further growth.


Company acquisition expands product offerings


Sunkid has developed over the last ten years into a producer of products for the design of mountain facilities in summer and winter. "Before, the basis for our product development was activities that take place in winter and involve lots of snow. But over time, we've extended our palette of products. Now, it's no longer necessary to even have a mountain environment to take advantage of our products," explains Wohlfarter. In addition to ski schools and ski resorts, now leisure parks, pools, local government facilities, and hotels are all part of the target group. In order to expand the customer base and provide better service to a broad target group, Sunkid purchased the Heege Freizeittechnik company, based near Koblenz, at the beginning of November.


Heege Freizeittechnik is a well-known company in the industry and has established a good reputation for itself throughout all Europe. The company produces a wide variety of play equipment for leisure parks, employing 12 people. All employees will be incorporated into the Sunkid family, and an increase in the level of employees is even planned for the medium term. With the purchase of the Heege company, Sunkid is expecting plenty of new customers in the leisure facilities industry.


Wohlfarter is confident that the leisure industry also needs comprehensive solutions: "Customers don't just want a slide or a conveyor lift; they are looking for a concept and a story that makes up the product. This story must be integrated into the existing concept, and that is what guarantees a unique position."


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