Viva Españia – Viva „Sunkid-Summer-World“

Spanish Leisure Park expands its summer offerings with tubing and a conveyor lift:

Sendaviva – a leisure park with great attractions near Zaragoza. For the new summer season, Sendaviva is proud to present a new feature for visitors: a 350m long summer tubing track, perfectly adapted to the landscape. And getting to the top is a pleasant ride thanks to the longest Sunkid Wonder Carpet yet installed in the open air.


Tubing – 365 Days a Year!


Along with partner Neveplast, Sunkid has installed 400 summer tubing systems worldwide. The most recent project in Spain comes in at 350m long. The system features an excellent adaptation of the track to fit the contours of the landscape. With a total of seven steep curves, it is the newest attraction at "Sendaviva" Leisure Park.


The Sunkid Summer Tubing system is easy to install and provides a great summer tubing experience for young and old. With a carefully crafted transition zone between straight and curved sections, the design provides a perfect bobsled feeling. There are no bumps or delays, and the matting guarantees a pleasant gliding feeling.


300 METRE Wonder Carpet


A 300m Sunkid Wonder Carpet provides the ideal solution for bringing passengers to the top of the track – that's the longest Wonder Carpet in open air! To shorten the travel time for visitors on the 300m long lift belt, the operator decided to install a Sunkid Wonder Carpet with a speed of 1.2 m/s (standard is 0.6 m/s). The conveyor belt system with an innovative drive station and new shutdown box was approved after close cooperation with local authorities. Additional technical features include the tensioning tower with a 6m tension path to provide necessary tension on the belt, the additional PE glide layer (Sunkid SuperSlide) to reduce friction (especially for summer applications - extends operation life, reduces drive power and electricity requirements), and the 44 kW drive motor. To enhance comfort when using the lift, the belt boasts a width of 900 mm (standard: 600mm), offering more stability for standing passengers during the ascent while also leaving open countless possibilities for alternative uses in the future (transport of carts, supplies, etc.)


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