The Wonder Carpet: Longer, Higher, Wider!

A new logistical solution from Sunkid in Bettmeralp meets with impressive success

In recent years, the use of conveyor belts as lifts has proven to be an effective and functional logistical solution in ski resorts. Conveyor lifts improve access to restaurants and ski lifts and can be used as return transport as well. Most of all, local operators are most impressed with the increase in user friendliness when conveyors are employed. In Bettmeralp (Switzerland), this technology has reached a new milestone in its development as part of a project from Sunkid: an existing anchor-tow lift was replaced with a conveyor belt to increase capacity for return transport. The new lift solution is the longest Wonder Carpet with a width of 1200mm (standard: 600mm), at a length of 237m! In addition, the enclosure of the lift is a customized solution – with the roof raised 80cm to create an interior height of three meters. The Wonder Carpet in Bettmeralp is a new milestone: longer, higher, wider!


The new return transport solution from Sunkid is located in the Tanzboden area to quickly and easily return skiers to the centre. On peak days, the new 1200mm-wide conveyor achieved 2500 passenger trips per hour, guaranteeing quick, simple, and safe return transport for the guests. No waiting, no line – that's what impressed the operators and guests alike.


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