Ex nihilo nihil fit - Nothing comes from nothing

Sunkid comes to the aid of the "un-conquered" Galsterberg

True to the Latin saying, the managers of Galsterberg Ski Resort have created a new offering, the "Galsti Land”. To create a unique and sustainably successful position for themselves apart from the other ski resorts in the Schladming-Dachstein region, the managers of Galsterberg relied not on the effects of a magic potion, but rather utilized initiative, pioneer spirit, and idealism.


"From an initial idea came a final, workable project concept. Incorporating the well-known story of the Gallic resistance to the Romans, we positioned the now "un-bowed" ski resort Galsterberg in a unique niche vis-à-vis the overwhelmingly dominant ski resorts in the Schladming – Dachstein region“, explains director Peter Weichbold. This theme was followed consistently, and achieved its fulfillment with the October, 2009 opening of the "Gallic Ski Village"


The Wonder Carpet installed by Sunkid provides comfortable and easy transport for visitors to the new and interactive skiing experience for young and old. "The Sunkid Wonder Carpet was the only logical choice for passenger transport to Galsti Land", says Weichbold.


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