Ratschings - A pearl of the Alps

With the help of Sunkid, a practice area for everybody is coming into being at the Rinner-Alm mountain station

Ratschings Children's Ski Land is located just downhill from the Rinner-Alm lift station, next to the newly built eight-passenger gondola lift, and operated by the Ratschings Ski School and Ratschings Jaufen Company. Children under three years of age have the opportunity to learn to ski using fun and games.


Ratschings is one of numerous long-term customers of the Sunkid Company, and now operates four conveyor lifts – two covered by the Gallery enclosure. One of those has just been made operational for the 2010 winter season. With this new Sunkid lift, it was possible to open a new area that offers a practice facility for adults and intermediate skiers. The newly opened area is also the perfect space for traditional ski school graduation races.


The operators decided to install a 57-meter long conveyor lift as a key component for this new area, featuring a width of 600mm and the Sunkid Gallery enclosure. The Sunkid Wonder Carpet is powered by a 7.5 kW motor. Because of the highly reliable snow in the area, Ratschings' ski school director, Alois Leitner, knew an enclosure for the lift system was the only option. For him, the biggest advantage of the Gallery is the simple start-up each morning, allowing the school operations to be instantly up and running regardless of weather. The existing Gallery lift, installed 2004, and good reviews from guests were additional reasons to choose an enclosed solution for this project.


The Sunkid Gallery can be installed for any model of Sunkid's Wonder Carpet, and can be retrofitted to existing systems. The individual components of the Gallery are made of aluminum beams, making the heaviest element only 55 lbs. (25 kg) - easily placed and installed by two people. The tried and tested modular construction adapts perfectly to rolling terrain. High quality, UV-resistant, 3mm polycarbonate side screens, an inner width of 2.2 meters, and an inner height of 2.3 meters create a roomy feeling for passengers. Entrances and exits are located on both sides every 1.8 meters, each 1.2 meters wide. Self-retracting heavy-duty tarps at each exit allow easy opening of the Gallery even at very low temperatures with heavy gloves. Both ends of the lift can be closed and locked overnight or when necessary with the lockable doors installed in the enclosure.


The Sunkid Gallery is not just an attractive accent that adds to a ski center's visual appeal, it also provides numerous benefits for the operation and maintenance of the Sunkid Wonder Carpet. Passengers are protected from snow, rain, wind and cold. No snow removal is necessary before start-up of the lift.


The ski school director considers the installation of conveyor lifts a long-term investment, because his own experience testifies to the quality and long operation life of Sunkid products. But his most important criterion for the selection of a new lift and new ski school accessories is the safety of the children.


For over 14 years, Sunkid places safety at the center of all design considerations. For this reason, the Sunkid Company constructs all products:

  • according to the newest global safety standards (Sunkid is the first manufacturer to produce lifts that comply with the future EU norm: prEN15700),
  • in close cooperation with authorities, and external partners such as the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), Dekra, etc., 
  • building on the knowledge gained from the installation of over 2200 conveyor lifts worldwide,
  • applying continuously improved methods and concepts developed from experience on the ground.


A model ski school facility was created in previous years by continuous updating with Sunkid lifts and enclosures, as well as numerous Sunny Stuff figures and teaching aides. With close cooperation from the Sunkid Company, planning and realization of this project went off without a hitch.


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