A new Sunkid Wonder Carpet enriches the offer for beginners in Aprica (I)

Extensive Offer for Beginning Skiers in Aprica

The Aprica Ski Area is located in northern Lombardy; despite its mild climate, snow is guaranteed in the area. In previous years, beginners and children bustled about the valley in their first attempts at learning how to ski and could not experience the pleasure of splendid views from the mountain. Since last winter – thanks to the construction of a new Sunkid Wonder Carpet - slightly advanced beginners can also practice with a view of the wonderful panorama.


The two already existing Sunkid installations with 63m and 72m in the valley will be joined this year by yet another 72m long and 75cm wide covered conveyor. To power the trip up the mountain, a stronger, 11kW motor will be installed. During selection of the conveyor belt, the operators opted for the “blue eye“ variant. The “blue eye“ super grip belt conveyor guarantees perfect entrainment values and is an in-house development of Sunkid… Also developed in-house is the Sunkid belt conveyor enclosure.


The operator benefits from both options through first-rate entrainment values, minimal cleaning and maintenance requirements, as well as minimized shutdowns even in heavy snowfall. Furthermore, the Gallery allows maximum operating safety even in the most unfavorable conditions and at the same time offers the best comfort for winter sports enthusiasts who are protected from snow, rain, wind or cold! In spite of the protective enclosure, guests are able to enjoy an unhindered view of the mountains, thanks to UV-resistant polycarbonate panes used in the construction of the roofing.


In latest news, the polycarbonate can also be ordered in a shade of orange. For one it enhances the Gallery visually and for another, it makes the ride on the Wonder Carpet a “sunny” experience even in gloomy weather.


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