Beginner Snowpark at the Hochzeiger

Hochzeiger (Pitztal/A): Successful partnership of Sunkid & Mellow Constructions

9 mountain railways, 52 kilometers of slopes at an altitude of 1000 meters – the family-friendly Hochzeiger ski area in Pitztal offers all this and much more. Not only numerous sports enthusiasts go full swing here, but also world-class skier Benni Raich goes through his demanding training routine in this ski area.  To further round out the varied offer and fulfill the wishes of many freestylers, a new FunPark according to the motto “small but nice“ was constructed in cooperation with Sunkid and Mellow Constructions.


Under the direction of former snowboard pro Tommi Marsh, the park was developed directly above the valley station of the Hochzeiger mountain railway. It challenges not only advanced freestylers, but also gives beginners the possibility to test themselves on rails and fun boxes.


A beginner’s snow park is distinguished by its focus on the needs of novices. To ensure fun in a safe environment, some important factors apply already when the park concept is being built. The body and soul of a safe and successful park lays in the selection of the right location. The correct incline of the terrain, as well as suitable spacing between the elements ensures optimal starting speed of the freestyler. The correct size of the jumps in combination with the correct jump and landing angles reduces strain on the body.


Absolute pros are required to calculate these parameters, such as the experts in the Mellow Constructions team. The park at Hochzeiger is split into two lanes across a length of 300m, on which a total of 7 kickers, 8 waves, as well as 7 fun boxes and rails are laid out. The Sunkid fun boxes are used on the easy fun line. Thanks to their somewhat wider geometry, the beginners feel safe enough when they pass over them the first few times. Once the initial uncertainty passes, you start to notice after a short time that the first “correct” tricks are being tried out.


At the medium-difficult Public Line of the Hochzeiger Snow Park, the rails provided by Mellow Constructions enter the picture. In size and dimension, the equipment appeals to athletic freestylers.


Yet another safety feature for users of the park is stable fencing with only one entryway. This most frequented hot spot was decorated with a large entry arch by Sunkid, visible from far away. 


Here you can find detailed information on: 

  • the Sunkid - Rails – Fun boxes
  • the Sunkid – Entry Arch
  • Mellow Constructions


Have also a look at this video: 

Snowpark Hochzeiger


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