Bettmeralp (CH): Through a rock crystal with the Wonder Carpet

Aletsch Arena has opened a new ski area. At the valley station, modeled as a rock crystal, a Sunkid Wonder Carpet transports passengers to the new chair lift.

At the beginning of the current winter season, the famous winter sports locality of Bettmeralp in Valais opened a new Blausee ski area. The valley station of the now most child-safe chair lift in Switzerland was designed in the form of a rock crystal. Access has been made very comfortable and safe from the start with a tunnel conveyor from Sunkid. Following the positive experience with the Sunkid Wonder Carpet that was installed in the ski area (Tanzboden), the Bettmeralp railway also selected Sunkid as a partner for this project.


Up till now, winter sports enthusiasts had to overcome a steep walkway to reach the old ski lift. Now comfort is the focus right at the entry to the cable railway going from the valley. Right as they enter the rock crystal, skiers can take a Sunkid conveyor and an escalator to the Blausee chair lift. The 42-meter long Wonder Carpet located in the rock crystal has an incline of 7 percent and a capacity of 2780 passengers per hour.


During the 42-meter long ride through the rock crystal, passengers can enjoy the panorama of the Valais mountains thanks to a large glass front. This combination of comfortable access and new chair lift is highly appreciated most of all by families with children. Aside from this target group, this part of the ski area is primarily used by beginners and ski schools. Up to now, however, these skiers only had an over 30-year-old ski lift available which has since this winter become a thing of the past. Now they have the maximum of safety and comfort at their disposal – also with the help of a Sunkid Wonder Carpet.


As already mentioned in the article above, a Sunkid Wonder Carpet was installed in the Bettmeralp skiing area at the so-called "Tanzboden" slope last year. 


Its impressive dimensions: 

  • Length: 237 meters (777 feet), 
  • Width of the conveyor belt: 1200mm (3 feet), 
  • Speed up to 1,2m/s!!  


Read the relevant report here.

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