St. Anton (A): Sunkid as partner at INTERSKI 2011

Eva Stark recognized this nearly 20 years ago and made it the topic of her degree thesis.

Since then, she has been intensely busy with the subject area and very committed to it. Thanks to her dedication in this area, she has meanwhile been appointed as Austrian speaker for children and teen skiing. In this capacity, she gave participants of INTERSKI 2011 a better understanding of the subject with a great number of solution suggestions during the “Kids, Juniors, Teens & More” workshop.


After the theoretical part, it was immediately off to the slopes of the St. Anton/Nasserein kids‘ park for the participants. Stations were constructed there that are oriented to the individual development stages of the ski novices. Divided into several groups, INTERSKI 2011 participants were lead through the course by certified ski instructors Daniela Orgler and Andreas Neuner. Individual exercises were explained in detail and participants were given the possibility to try out what they learned in practice right away.


The majority of teaching aides presented at this workshop were provided by Sunkid and were a result of close cooperation with many ski instructors.  After all, the goal is the same for all: through concepts for new teaching aides, educational games and supporting programs, the ski lesson should be designed in a varied and joyful manner. Ideally, the enthused children or teens will be active winter sports fans even when they become adults.


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