Sunkid: The full-service provider for ready-made summer tubing systems complete with Wonder Carpet – at Teichland Amusement Park

Sunkid: The full-service provider for ready-made summer tubing systems complete with Wonder Carpet – at Teichland Amusement Park

After winning the contract offered by the municipality of Teichland (Germany) in 2009, Austrian company Sunkid was given complete project management responsibility for the construction of a summer tubing installation. Since completion of the project last summer, visitors can now enjoy a tubing track over 120 meters long (393 feet), and featuring four sharp curves. A 106-meter long Wonder Carpet helps visitors reach the start of the tubing course and also carries passengers to the nearby "MonsterRoller" attraction.


Sunkid has been offering the summer tubing installation as part of its product line for seven years. Winter sports destinations frequently take advantage of this (mobile) attraction to be able to continue employing their winter-service Wonder Carpet throughout the summer. This has two distinct advantages: while the Wonder Carpet receives a year-round job, it also enhances the attractiveness of the destination overall for visitors.


The project conditions in Teichland were something truly novel right from the beginning. This amusement park near Cottbus (Germany) is open nearly year-round, offering visitors countless options for an exciting and interesting day. The center is divided into multiple zones based on different offerings for “excitement, exploration, and experience”.


As part of an expansion for the "excitement" area, Sunkid was asked to construct the summer tubing installation. Because the amusement park is open to visitors 10 months out of the year, the facility was planned as a permanent attraction that should also fit into the landscape harmoniously. Project managers at Sunkid took on full responsibility from start to finish – including planning, production, logistics, ready-built installation, and final safety- and quality inspection.


The project was conceptualized using CAD technology in close cooperation with landscape planners. The result was a 120-meter+ tubing course (393 feet) with four sharp curves. A 106-meter long Wonder Carpet (347 feet) transports passengers to the top and lies nearly level with the surrounding green space. This was made possible by partially sinking the conveyor structure below ground level and by creating a special side covering. Passengers are transported at speeds up to 0.6 m/s and exit the conveyor lift using an innovative side exit to reach the top of the tubing course.


The official safety inspection process went every bit as smoothly as the production, delivery, and installation. The final construction was approved by safety inspectors with no problems. The successful implementation of this project is another impressive confirmation that Sunkid can transfer its know-how from the realm of ski resort construction to the creation of summer tubing facilities in amusement parks and fun centers.


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