Folgaria (IT): A Sunkid conveyor belt is the logistical key to the three-lift expansion of the ski resort.

The Sunkid Wonder Carpet as the "missing link"

Folgaria has been among Sunkid's customers for over 10 years, and currently operates eight Wonder Carpets - three of which are equipped with a gallery enclosure. An additional enclosed conveyor lift was added to the operations for the 2011 winter season, allowing for an expansion of the ski resort towards Veneto.


Folgaria is located in Trentino, north-east of the Lake Garda, and is a ski resort which has grown considerably in recent years. This is partly due to the ski resort being one of the farthest south of the Alps, and consequently being easily reachable by many inhabitants of the Po region. The resort also offers both reliable snowfall and excellent, modern lifts for all winter sports enthusiasts. For these reasons, the owners decided to increase the attractiveness of the resort by adding three chair lifts at the start of this ski season. In order to make this plan possible, a gap needed to be bridged by a conveyor belt lift at Coe Pass. As an existing reliable partner for earlier projects, Sunkid received the contract to install this "missing link".


Now, visitors can reach the newly opened area extending toward Alpe Fiorentini in Veneto with a Sunkid Wonder Carpet, at a length of 524.93 feet and ending right at the Coe Pass. A 22 kW motor drives the conveyor belt, which is 1.96 feet wide (600 mm). Because the unit is installed in an exposed position above the treeline, the Sunkid Wonder Carpet was equipped with a gallery enclosure, offering passengers protection from wind and weather. And the operator can also enjoy this protection, which means minimal maintenance requirements for the conveyor belt and no snow removal before startup.


And the clear, strong, 3mm UV-resistant polycarbonate glass in the gallery enclosure gives visitors a wonderful view of the surrounding Alpine landscape. In addition, the interior width of 7.21 ft and a height of 7.54 ft provide a spacious feeling. The Sunkid gallery can be installed for every model of the Sunkid Wonder Carpet, and can also be fitted to already existing installations. The individual elements are made of aluminum beam construction and only weight 55.12 lb (25 kg). By employing this high-quality construction, it is possible to both offer a quick and simple installation, and guarantee excellent stability and resilience. The time-tested modular design of the Sunkid gallery easily adjusts to both convex and concave terrain. Self-retracting tarp covers at the exits make it easy to open the gallery, even at low temperatures and with gloves. Both the upper and lower ends of the gallery enclosure can be closed and locked overnight.


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