Hafjell/Lillehammer (Nor): With the Wonder Carpet in the footsteps of Olympic champions

With the help of a Sunkid Wonder Carpet children learn how to ski in the Olympic ski area

Hafjell is a key term for most winter sports fans, since here is where the Slalom and Giant Slalom competitions took place during the 1994 Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer. With the end of the winter games, time has in no way stopped at Hafjell. The winter sports area has been constantly developing and even today is among the leading skiing destinations in Scandinavia. The area described as the Hafjell Alpine Centre attaches great importance to the comprehensive care for children. It is therefore no surprise that the operator also attaches great importance to top quality and safety when it comes to choosing lift facilities. Among others, they set their focus once more on a Wonder Carpet from Sunkid.


During the past winter, a 324 ft long Wonder Carpet was installed in the children’s area at Hafjell. This is now the third conveyor by Sunkid that was brought into operation in this ski area. Unlike the remaining two, however, this new Wonder Carpet was also additionally fitted with a gallery. The canopy lets warming rays of sunshine unobstructed inside the gallery and at the same time offers children excellent protection against wind and bad weather. Therefore, young passengers can enjoy the ride up without being exposed to the wind. With that comes the advantage that the junior skiers can follow their ski lessons more refreshed and relaxed and thus reach desired goals more quickly.


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