Har Gilboa (Israel): Sunkid as partner in a project of historic significance

Sunkid constructs two conveyor lifts in a region with a deeply turbulent history

The Palestinian city of Jenin and the Israeli province of Gilboa were a political flashpoint for many years. However, in very recent times, the situation has calmed more and more. Now, cooperation is breaking down barriers from both sides of the border, and numerous projects are underway with mutual involvement. Of these, many are aimed at increasing tourism, such as that at Mount Gilboa. In this case, a sports center was built, including artificial ski slopes. Two Sunkid Wonder Carpets function as lifts for guests, with a total length of approx. 656 ft (200 meters).


The partnership between Gilboa (Israel), and Jenin (Palestine) is a model for successful regional cooperation – something that has only been in the nascent stages of development for a few years now on the border between Israel and Palestine. To date, many cooperative projects have developed out of earlier attempts. One of these is called "Tourism for Peace", with the goal of letting bygones be bygones, and using targeted investments to increase the attractiveness of the region for tourists. And that's exactly what's happening in the village of Sdei Trumot, which lies right on Mount Gilboa. That is the site of a sports center boasting the first artificial ski slope in the Holy Land. The earliest adopters have been primarily the children and youth from the several surrounding Kibbutz communes, who enthusiastically embraced this new experience of freedom.


In addition, the facilities on Mount Gilboa now allow skiers to practice this hobby all year around, since the skiable days on Mt. Hermon are limited, and few Israeli skiers indulge in a ski holiday abroad. With temperatures soaring, ski instructors swap out bibs for shorts, and instead of the usual view of surrounding snow-capped mountains, skiers here gaze out over the olive and cypress trees in the Charod valley. However, the ascent back to the top of the slopes is every bit the same as in many ski resorts worldwide: on two Sunkid Wonder Carpets, at a length of approx. 226ft and 423ft (69 and 129 meters). The Rough Top surface used on the conveyors provides a safe and reliable grip on the approx. 11 inches (600mm) wide conveyor belt, and also provides safe transport to the top for passengers with skibobs. Because this experience is frequently the very first time on skis for most passengers, the day is all the more pleasant and stress-free for being facilitated by the Sunkid Wonder Carpet – and that's something that certainly unites all beginners on skis, whether Israelis under the bright sun, or locals in the famous ski resorts of the Alps.


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