Heubach Ski Resort (Germany): Sunkid builds complete kids' ski area in the Thuringian Forest region.

Sunkid hands over a ready-made kids' facility including Wonder Carpet, Comfort-Star, and Rotondo

The community of Masserberg is situated at 600 meters above sea level, surrounded by the Thuringian Forest. The village strikes visitors as relaxed and contemplative – especially in winter. There is no hint anywhere around of the top-notch skiing experiences waiting nearby. However, right after the last houses at the end of town, the Heubach ski lift awaits as the gateway not only to the largest fun park north of the Alps, but also to a beginner's paradise completely planned and created by Sunkid.


Not only freestyle riders tear up the slopes here; beginners, children, and families can also find everything they are looking for. The lift was originally operated by the municipality. However, Denis Wagner has been now carrying this responsibility for over 10 years. As the son of the previous lift operator, this task more or less fell right into his lap. With close support from the Masserberg mayor, Friedel Hablitzel, approx. €1.8 million has been invested in recent years into the infrastructure of this ski resort. And the result is on display for all the see. Local passion for skiing and snowboarding led to the idea of birthing a somewhat unique ski and snowboard school. The primary focus is finding joy in movement in the snow, fun in learning, and of course, the safest possible opportunity to acquire skills. These principles form the basis for the snowsports school in Heubach.


To help make this vision a reality, the facility includes a Sunkid Wonder Carpet at approx. 127 ft (39m) in length, an approx. 328ft-long Comfort-Star (100m) mini ski lift for advanced skiers, and a Rotondo carousel for the littlest ones. These three Sunkid products provide all the necessary aides to make skiing – and all the fun it involves – easy and safe to learn. However, with this project Sunkid had more involvement than just delivery and installation of the products. Sunkid took responsibility for the complete conception and planning, as well as the execution of the entire service chain, up to and including the handover of the ready-built facility.


A second pillar of the Heubach ski resort is an approx. 1968ft-meter long Fun Park (600m), which boasts numerous obstacles and a modern, double towrope lift. And for times when the natural powder is not falling, six snow canons are standing by to provide the necessary quantity – and quality – of snow. Masserberg/Heubach ski resort's reputation and success to date are a convincing reminder that altitude and slope length are not the end-all of skiing. Skiers and boarders also come for the "Mayor's Lift", which promises a broad and rewarding offering for visitors, managed with energy and ambition.


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