The Wonder Carpet paves the way for more summer tubing tracks

The newly constructed Sunkid Summer Tubing tracks at Eibenstock (Germany) and Alytus (Lithuania) are providing plenty of fun for young and old

Eibenstock (D): "Wurzelrudi", the mascot of this year-round holiday destination in the western Ore Mountains and his team have everything visitors are looking for and more. In winter, the facilities make it easy for children and beginners to learn the art of skiing. In summer, guests encounter a broad array of leisure attractions, including the all-weather bobsled track, a large adventure playground, a natural labyrinth, a house-pet zoo and now a summer tubing track from Sunkid.


In addition to day trippers from Vogtland, numerous additional guests also travel in summer from the Leipzig area to visit the attractions at Auersberg Mountain. Many of them stay for a week and take advantage of the wide array of funtime activities. The summer tubing track in Eibenstock, in operation since the beginning of this summer, has become a special draw for many visitors. Tubers take off right from the starting ramp at a good clip. Two steep-walled curves along the track add to the fun by getting the tube spinning. At the end of the 262-ft track (80m), the Wonder Carpet is waiting to carry passengers back to the top. A photoeye with a stop light, along with a turnstile and a token validator, have been installed at the launch area, Thanks to these, only one operator is needed to ensure supervision of the entire ride. In addition, safety is bolstered by the fact that only one single passenger can be present in the tubing area at any time.


The facilities in Eibenstock are a perfect example of the multiple applications of the Wonder Carpet. In winter, it's used for novice areas of ski slopes. And in summer, it enhances the attraction of a leisure park along with the tubing track. "So far, about 500 rides in one day is the peak usage. On a normal day, we see between 200 and 250 rides," exclaims assistant manager Stefan Uhlmann about the hoped-for, but not entirely expected, flood of new passengers. Since the number of riders on the all-weather bobsled track has also increased, it seems that the tubing track poses no competition for the other attraction, but rather gets guests excited about trying both.


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