Dachstein (A): The "Skyline" Wonder Carpet at Dachstein Resort

A new conveyor belt lift on Dachstein Mountain carries passengers in comfort from the glacier to the top of the slopes.

“Do as you like!” That's what Dachstein Ski Resort promises its guests. The unique offering extends from all types of sports and outdoor activities to visiting the Sky Walk and the Ice Palace. With such a large number of activities at nearly 9842 feet above sea level, guests sometimes return to the bottom of the lift somewhat "breathless". However, a short but steep uphill climb by foot used to await visitors before they could reach the lift entrance... but those days are over now. This summer, a Sunkid Wonder Carpet with gallery enclosure now offers a comfortable alternative.


Up until now, many visitors were left breathless – and not only because of the number of fun activities available at Dachstein Resort. The challenging ascent from the glacier level up to the lift entrance used to steal the last breath of many visitors. Particularly for visitors from low-lying regions, the climb at this altitude presented a considerable challenge.


But now that's all a thing of the past! A Sunkid Wonder Carpet with Gallery enclosure is available as a lift to carry visitors to the cable lit entrance – and visitors may number over 3000 on peak days. The continuously adjustable belt speed of 7” to 11” per second (0.2 - 0.6 m/s) carries passengers in comfort all the way up – nearly to the outdoor seating of the lift restaurant.


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