The Sunkid SWISSCORD is "always making connections".

The Sunkid SWISSCORD, complete with adjustable height and a vertical return cable: countless uses as a small-scale ski lift.

The Sunkid SWISSCORD is a small ski lift which contributes tremendously to efficiency and logistics in a ski resort. The Sunkid SWISSCORD is employed as a beginners' practice lift, a connector lift, a supplies lift, and as a return lift. It features an adjustable height setting, vertical, overhead routing of the return cable, and a "support-free" total length of up to 984 feet (300m).


Despite the best efforts of lift operators and ski resort managers, it is not always possible to bring the joy of unencumbered skiing to all skiers using only "classic" lift solutions. Common problems include slopes that don't end right at the entrance to the nearest lift, the need for a connection to a newly opened descent off a summit plateau, or increased distance to the lift entrance due to expansion of a parking lot. Particularly in ski resorts where a well-developed terrain means major lifts which are spread out, gaps often arise between areas. And that's where the Sunkid SWISSCORD shines.


With the return cable routed vertically overhead, the lift can be reached from both sides, and can extend up to 984 feet (300m) without any additional support structures. With this design, slopes descending on both sides of a valley can be connected by the lift. Also, flat "cat track" sections gain some more respect from skiers with the help of the Sunkid SWISSCORD. The ATLAS plastic cable is equipped with rubber grips to make even longer stretches easy to cross without fatigue. The drive station and return station assemblies are built in mostly enclosed boxes which can be raised and lowered on a vertical square tube up to 2.8 meters. This allows the SWISSCORD to be custom-tailored to the height of passengers (children or adults) or to the height of the snow surface. For lift operators, the adjustable height means that grooming machines can drive right under the cable to prepare the slope in just a few minutes.


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