Thun/Eriz (CH): Where the Eriz Valley ends and kids’ paradise begins

The Schneechutzli Kinderland© is a well-kept secret that attracts families with children from the area of Thun with its fun offer of snow attractions from Sunkid-Borer

Eriz is a rather remote valley in the Swiss canton of Bern. Yet here it was recognized early on that in the competition with large ski resorts, the region must rely on its own strengths to survive. “Small but sophisticated” is the leading motto, supplemented by an extra portion of idealism and dedication. You especially sense this commitment at the Schneechutzli Kinderland©. The numerous attractions offer various approaches to experiences in the snow. The required infrastructure for the venture comes from Sunkid-Borer.


It is an indisputable fact that there are ski resorts in Switzerland which are larger and easier to access. These are also located at higher altitudes, where indeed a snow guarantee can be assured for the entire winter. What is often missing though in these places, given their size, is the “heart and soul” dedication to them. You will not find this shortcoming at Eriz. With much commitment to the carefully developed winter sports structure in this valley, a high level of identification with (mostly) local guests has evolved.


One of the highlights of the offer range is without a doubt the Schneechutzli Kinderland©. The winter play area is located directly in the valley, next to a spaciously laid-out parking lot and enclosed with a fence. Here, the small and the big can romp about with the help of two Sunkid PinoCords, a Sunkid Rotondo, as well as a wave track, archway, various courses and a jumping castle. The youngest skiers learn their first sweeps using a Sunkid Wonder Carpet. For small breaks in between, there is a Indian tepee and many picnic tables.


For the somewhat more mature enthusiasts, there are also two T-bar lifts in the direct vicinity of the Kinderland. For this year’s winter season, a fun park for older kids has also been set up here. The area will be equipped with waves and rails from Sunkid.


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