Rucphen (NL): Sunkid Climbing Aid Systems at Holland’s first indoor ski resort

Following the expansion of Holland’s first indoor ski resort, three Wonder Carpets, a Swisscord as well as a Rotondo from Sunkid create a comprehensive system.

If you think of Holland, you think of a flat terrain known for its tulips, famous cheese as well as its wooden shoes. But that you can instead also slip into ski shoes and go skiing year-round in the Netherlands is by far a less-known fact. With a total of nine indoor ski resorts, Holland offers the largest number of such leisure time facilities in Europe. The first indoor resort built in 1995 in Rucphen went through a comprehensive expansion just a few months ago. In the operation of the now three slopes in total, a Swisscord as well as three Wonder Carpets from Sunkid are being used as climbing aids.


The indoor ski resort in Rucphen is located close to the Belgian-Dutch border in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. This winter sports facility was opened in 1995 and was at the time the largest indoor ski resort in Holland. Inspired by the success of the past 16 years, the facility underwent an extensive expansion last summer, increasing the number of ski slopes from one to three. Thanks to the construction project, in addition to a beginner's area, possibilities for snowboarders are now available, as well as an offer for freestylers. The indoor winter sports hall in Rucphen now has three ski slopes of which one is classified as challenging and is reserved for experienced skiers, whereas the two remaining ones can also be used by beginners and children.


Three Wonder Carpets make the expanded hall accessible


Thanks to the expansion, an individual beginner’s area with a 68 feet (21m) long Wonder Carpet was created. The two 285 feet (87m) long, parallel running Wonder Carpets link the two slopes in the large main hall. A Sunkid Swisscord with vertical cable return serves as a connector lift from the existing hall to the newly constructed one. For the youngest visitors there is also a Sunkid Rotondo.


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