Schladming/Planai (A): The Sunkid EVOLUS Gallery sets a new standard

As an alternative to the current Bubble Gallery, Sunkid with the EVOLUS Gallery has developed a brand new conveyor canopy, designed from scratch and made of aluminum and polycarbonate.

Exactly 10 years ago as the first manufacturer worldwide, Sunkid presented a canopy construction for its conveyor system. As a result, passengers as well as operators very quickly came to appreciate the advantages of the canopy. Whether it be on the one hand weather protection for passengers during transport or on the other reduced maintenance and cleaning effort. A decade of continuous development on the current conveyor canopy has now found its culmination in the introduction of the new Sunkid EVOLUS Gallery, designed from scratch.


The result is clear to see: Although 95% of the parts used were newly designed, you can doubtlessly recognize the EVOLUS Gallery as a product of the Sunkid Development Department. The new appearance and styling was consistently implemented with increased sense of space in mind, without losing sight of the stability of the structure. One of the first EVOLUS galleries was put up on the Planai in Schladming (venue of the 2013 Alpine World Championships.) The gallery covers a 334 feet (102m) long Sunkid Wonder Carpet conveyor there. The installation is equipped with an approx. 2 feet wide (750mm) Blue Eye conveyor belt, a 18.5 kW driving motor, as well as an extra-long (19ft) side exit. From a technical point of view, the installation on the Planai, in cooperation with the proper authorities, has been consequently prepared for a potential approval for transit speed increase at a later time (from the current 0.7 m/s to 0.9 m/s.) On peak days, over 7,000 transits per day have thus far been recorded.


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