Sunkid Summer Tubing in Métabief

Métabief (F): As a complete provider in the leisure sector, Sunkid makes a valuable contribution to the expanded offering for summer visitors in the region with a summer tubing installation.

As many other ski stations, the Métabief ski station is increasingly focusing on an all-year offering for visitors in the region. Aside from the expanded offering for mountain bikers, numerous attractions for families have also been planned and implemented. The Summer Tubing facility from Sunkid is considered to be one of the most successful investments.


Yet where does the secret of this success lay? After several successfully implemented projects, a few items have emerged which have also again and again generated positive feedback from clients. As was already mentioned, a Summer Tubing facility enhances the summer offering in many regions. The relatively low investment cost needed is often amortized already after one season. Clients have also positively assessed the fact that for most installations, no terrain adjustments were necessary. In addition, the simple to use modular construction allows for minimal assembly and disassembly times, as well as the possibility to change length as well as location at any time. In principle it appears that the ongoing operating costs are also very manageable. Aside from minor maintenance costs, the system usually needs only one supervisor to guarantee seamless operation.


Low maintenance, cost effective, high return investment


Of course, the success of a facility depends upon its occupancy and length. For example, at Métabief, visitors have three tracks with a total length of 820 feet (250m) available, linked with a 236-feet long conveyor (72m). More tracks mean more people at the facility at the same time. And that in turn means more countable rides. Additional advantages emerge from the possibility of employing “hardware” already used in winter. Operators of ski resorts often set up a summer tubing installation, since in doing so, the Wonder Carpet as well as the snow tubes (with hard bottoms) can provide year-round use. And that not only to the joy of the operators, but the summer guests as well.


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