2012-03 Tarvisio (It.): Sunkid VARIOS wooden gallery of a record-breaking length

The VARIOS wooden gallery was first presented to the greater public last year at the INTERALPIN in Innsbruck.

And already this year, the gallery became a part of one of the largest implemented projects in the 15-year history of Sunkid. In particular, since the beginning of the current winter season, the wooden gallery builds the canopy for two Wonder Carpets stretching over a total length of 1184 feet (361m), which allows for the perfect development of practice grounds in the area of the bottom lift.


The company operating under the name Promotur SPA, aside from the ski resort in Tarvisio, maintains and promotes four additional resorts in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and has been a loyal customer of Sunkid for many years. Altogether, Sunkid has already implemented ten installations in these resorts in the past few years.


This year as well the installations were once again awarded in a public tender, during which Sunkid faced heavy competition. The installations were delivered to the operator by Sunkid turnkey-ready, including full assembly.


The VARIOS Gallery combines a variety of materials with the central element of wood


When choosing the conveyor canopy, much attention was given to the visual aspect to make sure that it would harmoniously blend with the landscape of the bottom lift located close to town. Since both Wonder Carpets are surrounded by woods, it was no surprise that the VARIOS wooden gallery was the preferred choice. The basic idea behind the Sunkid VARIOS Gallery is the flexible combination of various materials, with wood being the central element. Specifically, within the assembly period lasting a mere 18 days, no less than 720 laminated wood beam elements were built and attached to a solid, fully galvanized steel structure. Furthermore, a total of 858 windows made of 3mm thick polycarbonate, as well as 960 squared lumber elements used as crossbeams and 1,200 aluminum profiles were mounted.


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