The Sunkid SWISSCORD – a jack-of-all-trades at the ski resort

The Sunkid SWISSCORD with height adjustment and vertically running return cable offers numerous application possibilities as a small ski lift.

The Sunkid SWISSCORD is a small ski lift which helps improve the logistics flow within a ski resort in an extremely efficient manner. Its scope of application extends from practice slopes all the way to connector and return route lifts. The Sunkid SWISSCORD features height adjustment, vertical rope return and a “support-free” total length of up to 984 feet (300m). In addition during installation a mobile steel structure can be used instead of conventional concrete foundations.


The origins of small ski lifts produced by Sunkid reach the 1960s. Aside from the construction of suspension bridges and freight cable lifts, the field of small ski lifts developed into an important pillar of the enterprise. Along with the Wonder Carpet – from today’s viewpoint the best-known Sunkid product on the market - Sunkid has successfully positioned itself as a complete provider of small ski lift systems. More than 2,000 lift stations in the past 50 years serve as proof of this achievement. All lift systems produced by Sunkid are certified in accordance with the EU 2009/9/EC cableway guidelines. One of the most successful models in the Sunkid product range is the SWISSCORD. 


 This revolutionary small ski lift combines a system of vertical cable return together with motor-powered height adjustment spanning 9 feet (2.8m). With these advantages, the product offers a variety of uses within a ski resort. As a beginner's and practice lift in a ski school area, connector lift in ski regions or as a logistics solution for an access and return lift (parking areas, restaurants and much more). Following numerous series of tests in the R&D department of Sunkid, the first Sunkid SWISSCORD was installed in the Swiss resort of St. Moritz. Since then, over 30 installations of this system have been carried out worldwide.


As Alternative - Steel Foundation


Last winter, as a part of a Sunkid SWISSCORD installation in the French resort of Avoriaz, a newly developed foundation was implemented. The main element is a specially developed steel structure which is buried in the ground and as such functions as an anchor for the drive and outstations.   


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