The Wonder Carpet as a climbing aid for winter and summer

Col de Marcieu (Chartreuse/F): The Sunkid Wonder Carpet in use all year-round in the recreational area for Grenoble and Chambéry

The Col de Marcieu is located in the Chartreuse mountains and is a local recreational area for the residents of Grenoble and Chambéry. The location is suitable for a day trip and is extremely popular throughout the year. Families in particular appreciate its clear arrangement and the abundance of recreational activities offered. They especially praise the Sunkid Wonder Carpet as a comfortable transport option in summer as well as in winter for themselves and their sports equipment.


During this past winter, a 328-feet (100-metre) long Sunkid Wonder Carpet was constructed directly at the top of the pass. The slopes on both sides of the Wonder Carpets have the perfect descent to assist not only beginning skiers in their first sweeps. A variety of alternative winter sports equipment can also be transported using the Wonder Carpet and then put to use with much fun.


At Col de Marcieu, use of the Sunkid Wonder Carpet is not only limited to winter... during summer as well it is a climbing aid which proves extremely popular with operators and visitors. Therefore not only tubes for the tubing track can be transported using the Wonder Carpet, but also many trend sports equipment with which you can also ride down a slope in summer.


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